Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Comes Early to West Hill

It came as predicted. All the way from Texas. The most vicious December storm in more than two decades.

The City's plows were out early racing against the endless down fall of snow and the wind whipped drifts that made driving treacherous. But the task was hopeless. The storm just too massive.

Neighbours were out shoveling driveways again and again, trying to stay ahead the accumulation. Ambitious teens were out with shovels making extra money clearing driveways and walks. For the most part the roads were deserted and the small number of drivers braving the weather were taking proper care. Of course there were always the few, with engines more powerful than brains, driving their pick-ups and muscle cars as if it was a fair weather day in springtime, putting at risk those cautious drivers whose responsibilities forced them onto the road.

The photo above was shot at the Tim Horton's restaurant parking lot at Kingston Road and Morningside looking west along Kingston Road. The usual coffee line-up back to the restaurant door was missing; but, despite the weather, all the tables were taken. Groups of people huddled over their coffees, refugees from the storm, talking in hushed tones, worried about the drive home.

Most Westhillians stayed indoors, snuggled around kitchen tables or roaring fireplaces, sipping hot chocolate and hoping Monday would be declared a Snow Day.

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