Thursday, August 28, 2008

Adult Day Centre

Nancy North is feeling emotionally conflicted. A young college student is completing her field placement at West Hill’s Adult Day Centre and will soon be leaving. Nancy is proud of the woman for completing her course but saddened to see her go.

“Students bring a wonderful energy with them,” Nancy explains. “The seniors in our program benefit from that and, I believe our students benefit from their interactions with our seniors as well.”

Nancy is the Manager of the West Hill Community Services Adult Day Centre, located in a small plaza at Manse and Kingston Rd. Funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care through the Central East LHIN, along with user fees, the Centre presents safe, recreational and therapeutic programs for adults affected by Alzheimer’s or other dementias. The Centre’s clients range from 50 to 90 years of age.

The Centre provides its programs in a “club-like” setting. Along with lunch and snacks, the Centre involves the seniors in discussions, songs, dance, arts, crafts and a range of social outings. The Centre’s programs and services make available the additional supports necessary for people to age gracefully and with dignity in the comfort of their own homes.

The programs and services are as individual as the clients. For some, the Centre is a place to go one afternoon a week. Others attend every day, either picked up at their homes by the Centre’s van or brought to the centre by family members. The Centre can accommodate up to 20 adults at a time.

“We are especially proud of our new garden,” Nancy explains. With funding from the Junior League of Toronto, the Scarborough Garden and Horticultural society has created a therapeutic garden at the front of the building. With flower, herb and vegetable boxes tall enough for seniors to sit on the rim and help with the planting, the beautiful garden provides the Centre not only with fresh herbs and vegetables, but also involves the seniors in a range of sensory experiences appealing to touch and taste while providing a visual feast for the eyes.

“We just picked our first zucchini of the year,” Nancy tells me with a proud smile.

The Centre also offers Bereavement, Peer and Caregiver Supports along with Education sessions.

For more information about the Centre visit the West Hill Community Services website at .

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Guild Alive With Culture

In case you missed one of the area's great summer cultural events, Alive With Culture at the Guild Inn, here is a sampling of what you missed.

Picture the grounds of the Guild Inn alive with tents hosting paintings from portraits to abstract, sculptures, jewelry, pottery, clothing, arts and crafts, two stages featuring musicians and story tellers, a farmers market food, drinks and tours of the historic grounds. Over 2000 people strolling by enjoying one of the nicest days of the summer.

Or just watch this brief video--

City Councilor Paul Ainslie, one of the sponsors of the Event, was pleased with the success of the day and has announced plans to expand it to a two day event next year.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Shoppers Drug Mart Opens

The first store in the final phase of the development of Morningside Crossing, Shoppers Drug Mart has now opened.

The large Shoppers is open until midnight every night.

Shoppers was one of the anchor stores in the old Morningside Mall, so this is really coming home for the store chain.

Food Basics next door to Shoppers is nearing completion and has posted a notice alerting local residents to submit job applications.

Morningside Crossing replaces Morningside Mall which was demolished last year to make way for this new development.