Monday, March 3, 2008

Shoeless Joe's Restaurant Coming to West Hill

Evan Williams Director of Development at First Capital has confirmed that a Shoeless Joe's Restaurant will be a part of the new Morningside Crossing development. The restaurant will be built at the corner of Morningside and Lawrence.

A fast food restaurant from a chain that has not previously had an outlet in West Hill will also be an addition to the new development and will be located beside the new Shoeless Joe's.

Mr. Williams made his announcement at a joint meeting with the Coronation Community Association of West Hill and the Resident's Rising Community Association. The meeting had been arranged through the office of Ward 43 Councilor Paul Ainslie. John Alderdice, from Economic Development chaired the meeting.

Mr. Williams also confirmed that a Canada Post Office would be part of the new Shoppers Drug Mart currently under construction on the site. The cement foundation for both the Shoppers and the new Food Basic has been laid and the superstructure has begun in time for a summer opening of phase two of the development.

A Goodlife Fitness Centre will be located on the upper story of the new plaza currently under construction along Collinsgrove. This new plaza will host a new and enlarged LCBO, a Dollarama, a Bulk Barn and possibly fashion and hardware stores as well. The metalwork on the plaza has now been completed and the walled enclosing of the site is underway.

First Capital has also purchased the Blockbuster Plaza and is considering its options for these stores.

The new development will be only the second to be built to the LEEDS environmental standards and the grounds will be extensively landscaped to encourage pedestrian as well as vehicular traffic. The Community Associations pushed for a Community bulletin board along with appropriate seating and requested the developer consider a butcher shop along with a small department store.

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Holly said...

We had a restaurant capital funding meeting/discussion at a Shoeless Joe's once; the food is just better than mediocre but the experience is worth it.