Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Walk Through Deekshill Park

Deekshill Park is one of the more beautiful spots in West Hill, with one of the worst reputations. A woman was raped there two years ago and local residents were reluctant to walk through the quiet forest due to rowdy teens drinking on the bank of the small stream that ran through the woods.

Uncared for, the Park was strewn with refuse including discarded tires, supermarket buggies, lawn chairs, plastic bags and other garbage.

Concerned, the Coronation Community Association of West Hill approached City Councilor Ron Moeser who had a team from Toronto Parks in to clean it up. The CCA also approached Police Superintendent Gottschuck who has increased patrols in the Park area.

The result has been a transformation of this 6 acre jewel back to being one of the most lovely areas of natural woodland in the City.

Have a look at the following video and then take a walk through the park yourself. We need to start to use this area both more frequently and more responsibly or risk loosing it.

Deekshill is located south of Lawrence and east of Morningside off Link Road in West Hill.

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