Monday, August 4, 2008

Shoppers Drug Mart Opens

The first store in the final phase of the development of Morningside Crossing, Shoppers Drug Mart has now opened.

The large Shoppers is open until midnight every night.

Shoppers was one of the anchor stores in the old Morningside Mall, so this is really coming home for the store chain.

Food Basics next door to Shoppers is nearing completion and has posted a notice alerting local residents to submit job applications.

Morningside Crossing replaces Morningside Mall which was demolished last year to make way for this new development.


Arleen2112 said...

I think its Food Basics that is opening up next to Shoppers Drug Mart..NOT No Frills.

standbyme said...

How can you apply to Food Basics? Where do you give in the application?

Editor said...

YIPES! You are quite right, Arleen. It is Food Basics. I'll change it on the blog entry.

Editor said...

Hi Standbyme,

I'm away from West hill for a few days so don't have access to that information. However, there is a notice posted on Morningside close to Starbucks will all the details.

Good Luck!