Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Howard Johnson's Coming to West Hill

By March 8th, Howard Johnson's Motel chain will establish an east end of Toronto presence in West Hill.

Taking over the Gateway Motel at the Highland creek bridge, the international hotel chain will take a significant step in reclaiming the tarnished image of motels in the West Hill area.

Once an important tourist destination for those on their way to the downtown core, the City's decision to use the motels in West Hill as Emergency accommodation began in the 1980s. It continues to the present day.

Of the motels along the Kingston Road strip, only the Grand maintained its reputation as a family owned business catering to the tourist trade.

Howard Johnson's is a chain of restaurants and hotels, located primarily throughout the United States and Canada. The name is derived from the founder of the original company, Howard Deering Johnson, who started the initial chain of restaurants and motels. Howard Johnson hotels are now part of Wyndham Worldwide, formerly a part of Cendant.

Wyndham operates the Howard Johnson brand under many "tiers," based on price, level of amenities, and services offered. Howard Johnson Express Inns, Howard Johnson Inns, Howard Johnson Hotels, and Howard Johnson Plaza Hotels range from limited-service motels to full-service properties with on-site concierges and business centers. Howard Johnson recently has begun offering its "Rise 'N' Dine" continental breakfast.

Howard Johnson's had a long history of providing service to the east end of the city having operated a motel at Markham and Progress for many years, until it was acquired as a student residence by Centennial College.

Newly renovated and upgraded, the latest addition to the Howard Johnson chain will be opening its doors to the public in West Hill on March 8th.

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