Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting Around West Hill Without A Car

The truth is, being a suburb of a large city, we mostly drive. We haven't designed our suburbs well for getting around by any other means. Although there are other ways--

We can still ride horseback.

And get to fires on time.

Sometimes, it feels like we spend more time waiting than actually getting around.

Although, eventually the bus does get there.

If we want to get somewhere fast, both the local communiter GO trains and the trans Canada VIA train stop at our local Train Station

We make sure our kids get to school on time, even if we have to call a cab.

Of course, we could always take the boat.

Or just ride a bike; although that can get tiring.

Walking is fun too.

Although maybe our ancestors still had the best idea. West Hill has many murals on the sides of buildings depicting life in less frantic times.

Although this might just be our future:

Councilor Paul Ainslie is hosting an open house to discuss plans for a Kingston Road-Morningside Avenue Light Rail Transit line on Thursday May 21at at 6:30 pm at West Hill Public School.

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