Friday, December 11, 2009

Our First Winter Storm Of The Season

It rose up out of the Pacific.

Joined forces with the waters of the Gulf of Mexico

Formed a massive storm covering half of the Unted States. And then took direct aim at West Hill.

Where we could see it coming from the top of the bluffs.

But weren't able to duck.

December 9, 2009. Our first snow storm of the winter.


guild-rez said...

Great pictures from Grey Abbey Park.

At this Christmas Season we remember and honour those who are no longer with us and cherish those who are.

Peace On Earth and best wishes throughout the New Year


JOE TODD said...

Happy New Year and stay warm

Barry said...

We do indeed, Guild-rez! Have a Happy New Year!

Barry said...

The temperature's actually not bad today, Joe. But next week it's supposed to be brutal.

Have a Happy New Year!