Friday, November 23, 2007

Morningside Crossing

The abandoned and nearly empty space known as Morningside Mall in West Hill has reached its end. The once massive three story building is now little more than rubble.

The reconstruction of the Morningside Mall space, at Kingston Rd and Morningside, into a medium sized box store shopping complex is now well underway, with a “Super-bank” centre including Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Toronto Dominion branches joining the old Scotiabank branch now complete. Other stores like Shoppers Drug Mart and Food Basics will be constructed on the site of the actual Mall when its demolition is complete. The date for these new stores to open is in the Fall of 2008. Pizza Hut, greatly reduced in size, has moved to the new Morningside Crossing from its present location at Kingston Rd and Lawrence. The TD branch between Kitchener Road and Lawrence has closed. Starbucks is thriving. While the line-ups don't match Tim Horton's across the road, it is still very busy.

The are rumors of the Liquor Store closing and moving to much larger quarters at Morningside and Lawrence where earth movers are already at work. There is also talk of the renovations extending to the demolition of the Blockbuster plaza, but this is unconfirmed.

The properties formerly housing TD Bank at the top of Kitchener Rd and Pizza Hut and Lawrence and Kingston have yet to be sold.

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