Saturday, November 24, 2007

West Hill Website Gets Major Upgrade

We may look the same, but behind the scenes the West Hill website has undergone a major upgrade. Virtually every page of the site has been changed in some way. For the most part, dated material has been removed, broken links repaired or eliminated, new photos added and much older sections of the site replaced with the new format we introduced a year ago.
In one of the more substantial changes, our popular poll feature has been incorporated into the new West Hill News, which replaces the old Westhillian News section.
The West Hill website began over ten years ago as a simple attempt by West Hill resident, Barry Fraser, to show a distant Australian cousin what the West Hill area of Toronto looked like. His cousin, Roger, had been unable to find West Hill on any map. The West Hill Today section is a somewhat more elaborate version of that small original website.
To Barry's surprise the site began getting a large number of hits. He later discovered it had been linked as a Community on the City of Toronto webpage . The number of visitors led to a flood of e-mail questions about the area which resulted in more and more features being added to the site until it assumed the essential structure it has today.

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