Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bob Johnston Ends Relationship with GM

As hard as it is to believe, on another day of heavy winter snow and miserable driving conditions, Spring is within reach. Only this year, when the snow leaves, it will be accompanied by a West Hill landmark that has served the community for nearly 40 years.

Bob Johnston Motors has terminated its long standing relationship with General Motors. Johnston Chevrolet Ltd. had been a fixture in the community since it opened its doors back in 1972. Not only was it the dealership of choice for local residents interested in GM products, but the Johnston family were well known contributors to neighbourhood events. Bob Johnston will continue as a service center for all makes of cars.

With a massive condominium complex replacing the Markington Plaza, the creation of the Morningside Crossing shopping Centre, and the redevelopment of the Montoro Motel site, West Hill is in the process of a remarkable transformation.

Indeed as Realtor Maria Florosz observes, "People are just coming to realize that Scarborough in general and in this area of Scarborough in particular, homes are significantly under valued."

If so, watch for even more radical change in the future.

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