Monday, February 11, 2008

Getting Personal

I decided to work from home on Friday. Year end is coming up and I had a lot of data to enter into AIM and knew from (painful) experience that the work goes faster in the quiet of my home office.

If my dog, Lindsay, was glad to have me home for the day, she concealed it well and could be found sleeping in various places around the house without ever seeming to move from one spot to the other.

About two o'clock I noticed three young teenagers walking down the street with shovels and assumed they were out to make some money shoveling driveways. They'd make no money from mine since I'd already cleaned it off twice that day.

However, one of the boys, without a shovel, walked up my drive, momentarily disappeared from my view, and then turned and walked back down it again. Thinking he had been delivering pamphlets, I went to the door to check the mail box.

Only to spot the same boy retrieving my ergonomic snow shovel from where he had tossed it into the middle of my neighbour's front lawn. I yelled, but he and his friends just kept walking. With my shovel added to their collection. Running back into the house I quickly put on a pair of boots and raced out the door. But they were gone, the street empty.

So I phoned the police and two patrol cars rolled up to my front door within five minutes. They took my statement and description of the boys and description of my shovel.

Being a pessimist, and faced with another snowfall today, I have just returned from purchasing a new shovel.

Oh, and Lindsay the guard dog, of course, slept through the whole thing. If a squirrel had stolen our shovel, I'm sure the entire neighbourhood would have heard about it.

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