Saturday, November 8, 2008

Juried Art Show Opens At Framing Dames Gallery

The smokers stood outside in the heavy drizzle, seeking what little shelter they could find. Indian Summer had come to an end and in its place, the cold rains of late Fall had drenched the earth. Cigarettes in hand, the women looked determined, but they didn't look happy.

The parking next to the Framing Dames Gallery on Manse Road in Highland Creek was full and we were forced to park the car at St. Joseph's church across the road and run through the puddles to the Gallery entrance. As we passed by them, the two smokers gave us looks of envy as we left the rain behind.

Opening night of the juried art show and the Gallery was full. Tables had been set with food and the conversation was flowing.

Many of the paintings have been done by professionals. A picture of a trout about to swallow a lure, had been done by a local artist whose illustrations often appear in Field and Stream.

Many of the artworks were photographs, some of stunning originality. The theme of the show was "motion" and a shot of a hummingbird caught in mid flight, caught my attention.

The variety of art on display, along with its quality, help make the show a unique experience and a feast for the senses.

We mingled with the crowd, many of whom seemed to know each other, listening to their conversations:

"Oh you entered a painting too, where is it?"

"Oh I had a couple of frames left over so I just grabbed a couple of things I'd done earlier, framed them, and brought them in to the show."

"Yes it's joy to look at. I can't believe how well he caught their mood. And the colours...."

At 7:30 the judge was introduced and the winners announced to loud applause.
Then it was back out into the rain and the night, the bright lights and colourful images left behind in the gallery.

Perhaps for you to visit later this week?

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