Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wind Farm Controvercy Continues

City Councillor Paul Ainslie has has called for another public meeting on a controversial wind turbine project, after environmental activists jammed the meeting at Sir Wilfred Laurier CI, Monday Night preventing local residents from getting to the microphones to ask the questions that concerned them.

Councillor Ainslie himself was forced to wait over two hours to ask a question.

Over 1000 people turned up for the Community meeting to discuss the proposed installation of a refrigerator sized wind anemometer two kilometers off the Scarborough Bluffs, the first step in the proposed installation of a massive wind farm.

The meeting was Toronto Hydro's second attempt to hold a public consultation after an earlier event in at Christ Church hall left hundreds stranded outside unable to get in.

Environmentalists, students and union members bussed in supporters who drowned out local residents and took control of the microphones until late in the meeting.

The event attracted media attention from across the country.

If the project gets approval it will see a wind farm constructed over a 26-kilometre area the length of the bluffs, 2 to 4 kilometres offshore.

Some residents complained the project would spoil the natural beauty of the area, harm fish and bird populations and lower property values.

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