Tuesday, December 30, 2008


For many people 2008 will go down as one of the most stressful in recent memory, and 2009 is promising more of the same.

Despite the major retail development going on in West Hill, it has been a tough year for many. The weather patterns in West Hill have been more dramatic than any in recent decades. We've lost two of our three new car dealers and the Newspapers are not filled with encouraging economic predictions for the near future.

Coping with it all can be a major challenge, but there is hope. There is a pathway that is well tested over time for managing the unavoidable stresses of life. Or so Zen Buddhism would have us believe.

The Zen Habits website assures us there is no need to renounce the world or become a monk in order to benefit from what they have learned.

According to the Zen Habits website ( http://www.zenhabits.net/2008/03/12-essential-rules-to-live-more-like-a-zen-monk/ ) there are twelve habits monks have practiced for millennia that can reduce our daily stress no matter what the future hold for us in 2009.

Here are their suggestions.

1. Do one thing at a time.
2. Do it slowly and deliberately.
3. Do it completely.
4. Do less.
5. Put space between things
6. Develop rituals .
7. Designate time for certain things.
8. Devote time to sitting.
9. Smile and serve others.
10. Make cleaning and cooking become meditation.
11. Think about what is necessary.
12. Live simply.

How you practice these in our internet world, filled with all the demands of multi-tasking, I'm not entirely sure. But maybe it gives some hope and some guidelines for a less stressful future.

However, you decided to tackle 2009, here's wishing You A Happy And More Peaceful New Year!

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