Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fire Guts Studio Building at Guild

A tragic fire early Christmas morning destroyed one of West Hill's most historic buildings.

The Studio at the gates of the Guild was completely gutted by fire on Christmas day, taking fire fighters most of the day to contain the blaze.

Over 80 years old, the historic building was under gradual reconstruction as one of the most viable on the Guild property. The roof had already been completed and the washrooms were next in line.

Before it was boarded up and closed to the public almost a decade ago, the building was used as a meeting place or as a venue for family celebrations.

The Fire Marshal estimates the damage at over $200,000. Cause of the fire is undetermined.

The Studio building sits close to the entrance to the Guild grounds and the main building was never in danger.

Its future, however, remains very much in doubt.


Pearl said...

The Guild Inn has a history of fond memories for many as well as a history of tragic events such as the lastest fire. I remember playing a game of tag with friend in the hedge maze and having peanut butter and jelly sandwich picnics at the edge of the bluffs. As we grew older, we found great spots to go sunbathing and hold bonfires. I hope the city takes into account that the Guild Inn is not just a building, or just an income for the city, but also a legacy to the community of Guildwood. I do hope that the Inn is resurrected.

BryM said...

Being a lover of historic places, I'm always sad to hear when one of them is damaged or destroyed. I hope that this Inn can be repaired so that the people in your town can enjoy it again!

Barry said...

I share similar memories of the Guild, Pearl and share the same hope that the City begins to recognize that how fragile this legacy is and how urgent the need to preserve it.