Wednesday, January 21, 2009

East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club Announces Expansion Plans

East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club has announced a major expansion plan.

Located at 100 Galloway Road in West Hill, the club has been part of the fabric of the community for over 50 years.

With the current building limiting its capacity to provide sufficient services to the community, the club is proceeding with an ambitious building expansion. The current club reflects the building designs of the early 1980's, characterized by a square block design with no natural light and few windows.

The proposed addition will allow in natural light to create a healthy atmosphere, including a walking course to encourage area seniors to utilize the club during inclement weather.


Patty said...

Barry, you are just too talented! More than one blog, and you manage to keep them both going with interesting things.

If I did not want to share my photos, there would be no blog for me. I occasionally wrote feature stories for my old newspaper, and the stories would take at least two weeks of writing. Even doing the cut lines for my photos takes some thinking.

I recently wrote a feature for the newspaper that I work for now, just because I found an interesting person who inspired me.

About two weeks later, the editor called me and wanted me to do a spot news story. My photo editor got a kick out of that. As you may know, photographers are considered to be terrible writers and writers have a bad rep for taking photos. There are some rare exceptions, but I fall out of that category because I can not write with ease, or on time.

I love the photo of the club. It certainly says, "hometown." I also like the painting on the outside. Who did it?

I read your tips on buying a car. Guess no matter where you live, some things are the same.

I got a kick out of the bank poll.

I almost had some dealings with Scotia once. We have some friends who own a home on a small island in the Bahamas. They used to teach school there but moved back to the states years ago.

They keep the home for vacations, and they plan on retiring there one day.

Since they never rent the home, we had planned on spending some time there. My husband was going to paint and I was going to take photographs.

The bank would not let us open up an account without formal letters from our bank. I thought that was silly, since they could pick up the phone and call our bank. I mean, we had our checkbooks, ID, passports, etc.

I was a little insulted that they may have thought us, perish the thought, people with a lot of money trying to hide it in their little bank.

We went back to the states and got our silly letters (I still have those letters, too) but after looking at the costs of living there and not knowing what to do with our house, we decided not to be island bums.

I think the main problem was that you had to make weekly trips to Florida by plane to do your shopping. And there was no dentist, doctor, or veterinarian on the island (we have cats, and had a dog).

Sometimes the idea sounds sweet again, so who knows? I don't think anyone is ever too old to be an island bum.

Patty said...

BTW, Happy Valentine's Day!