Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adventures In Eating In West Hill

Some things are incongruous.

As unbelievable and incongruous as it may seem, no one with the rank of Colonel is working at our local KFC and not one of the chickens came from Kentucky.

Not one employee at Taco Bell was from Mexico. And on the day we visited, not one employee had even vacationed there. Believe It Or Not!

Shoeless Joe's Restaurant has a policy requiring all customers to wear shoes. And shirts.

And when Licks finally got around to opening their latest store in West Hill, I wouldn't advise licking any of their employees. Boy do they get mad!

But most incongruous of them all, the Swiss Chalet Restaurant, not only has no Swiss employees, sells no Swiss Cheese, lamb or beer, but none of their clocks were made in Switzerland, instead they were all made by GE--in China.


Laura said...

You left a comment on my blog and when I noticed your blog link I had to come right away. I grew up in West Hill, actually the eastern end that was West Rouge, Ontario. Are you writing about the same area? It would be really funny if you went to West Rouge Public School. (Though I can't think of what years I would have been there now).

Lucia said...

Also there are no Tims working at Tim Horton in my neck of the woods. Your so cool! I see Lauara has commented! She's a Cool Chick.

Stine in Ontario said...

Hahahaha! Wonderful observations.

magiceye said...

love this post!