Friday, November 6, 2009

Slow News Day

It's been quiet around here for several months.

Although there has been no let up in the News, events and activities in the West Hill area.

Sadly, there is a reason for this. The prime mover behind this site has been Barry Fraser, who was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer in February of this year. As the year has progressed, so to has his treatment with all its related side effects. This has cut with increasing severity into the time and energy he has available to devote to this site.

At no time, however, has it cut into his enthusiasm for this work and this community.

Currently, Barry is feeling somewhat better and has some additional time at his disposal so you may see additional posts creeping onto this site.

Thanks for your understanding.

1 comment:

BrownBullhead said...

I've been gone forever and a day from WHN. Would it be improper of me to ask how Barry is today?